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Conveyor quality requirements cannot drop

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Conveyor uses π-type turning chain plate as conveying carrier, chain plate running in special turning guide rail made of POM; or using stainless steel turning chain plate and using magnetic turning guide rail, so that conveying chain plate always runs on special guide rail Inside, it has the characteristics of smooth running and convenient installation; the chain conveyor runs in the special turning guide rail made of POM; or the use of stainless steel turning chain board and the use of magnetic turning guide rail, the price of the chain conveyor makes the conveying The chain plate always runs inside the special guide rail, which has the characteristics of stable operation and convenient installation; more and more chain conveyors are accepted and accepted by enterprises. The conveyor not only saves manpower and financial resources for the company, but also the chain conveyor. Well, it also brought huge profits! Chain conveyor is a material handling machine that continuously transports materials on a certain line, also known as a continuous conveyor. Conveyors can be horizontal, inclined and vertical transport, can also be composed of space transmission lines, chain conveyor manufacturers, transmission lines are generally fixed.
    The conveyor has a large conveying capacity and a long distance, and can also complete several process operations during the conveying process, so the application is very extensive. The best-selling factors of the chain conveyor are as follows: 1. Adaptable, this machine is suitable for the delivery of bulk materials and granular, block materials without stickiness, especially for large block, and has sharp corners, hot ( Such as cement clinker, etc.) transport of materials, but also in the process of transport can be completed at the same time cooling, cleaning and other processes; 2, the whole device is compact, easy installation, commissioning, maintenance; 3, chain conveyor structure is reasonable, good rigidity , chain conveyor specifications, high impact resistance; 4, HB chain plate conveyor traction even with a circular chain, the lower tug to replace the sliding friction roller friction, low running resistance; 5, HB chain conveyor for 0 ° ~ 15° inclination, BL chain plate conveyor inclination angle up to 65°; chain conveyor with standard chain plate as bearing surface, powered by motor reducer; we can use multiple chain plates in parallel to make chain plate The conveyor is very wide and forms a differential speed. Using the speed difference of the multi-row chain plates, the multi-row conveyors can be changed into single-row conveyors without extrusion, and the Ningjin chain conveyor can meet the beverage labeling and filling requirements. Cleaning equipment The requirements of transportation, the manufacturers of chain conveyors, we can make the overlapping of the head and tail of the two chain conveyors to make the bottle (can) body in a dynamic over state, so that no material remains on the conveyor line, which can meet Empty and solid bottles are pressure- and pressure-free.
    The conveyor chain is made of POM material, stainless steel and stainless steel, and there are two types of turning: wing turning and magnetic turning. Turn chain conveyor uses π-turn chain plates as conveying carriers, which are good for chain conveyors, which run in special turning guides made of POM; or use stainless steel turning chains and use magnetic turnings. The guide rails allow the conveyor chain plates to always run inside the special guide rails, which has the characteristics of smooth running and easy installation. Before the chain plate conveyor is installed, it must first set up a rack to pull the center line over the full length of the chain plate conveyor. The tolerance of the rack to the centerline is ±0.1mm per meter. However, the error in the center of the rack on the entire length of the chain conveyor must not exceed 35 mm. Once all sections have been set up and aligned, each block can be connected. For the slat conveyor, the slat conveyor model must be able to act as a brake at any time under the braking device. The brake friction surface must not have defects that impede the braking performance or be stained with oil. Normal and emergency use of the chain conveyor braking device should have a striking sign and should be located in a convenient location. Mesh Belt Conveyor: The modular mesh belt uses plastic hinge pins that extend over the entire width of the conveyor belt to assemble the injection molded mesh belt into interlocking units. This method increases the strength of the conveyor belt and can be assembled into any desired width and length. The baffles and side panels can also be interlocked with hinge pins to become one of the integral components of the conveyor belt. Conveyor belt materials are: carbon steel, stainless steel, thermoplastic chain, according to the needs of your product can choose different width, different shapes of the chain plate to complete the plane transport, plane turning, lifting, falling and other requirements.