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China Conveyor Belt Manufacturing: Technology Innovation Promotes Industrial Upgrade

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With the development of the conveyor belt industry, competition in the market segments of different products in the industry has been divergent. The competition between medium and low-end products is fierce because of the low level of differentiation. Some high-tech products have relatively few participants due to high technical barriers. As China's manufacturing industry enters a new stage of reform, the advantages of low-cost development will gradually disappear, and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and industries will be forced. The key to transformation and upgrading will be "scientific and technological innovation." Compared with low-cost advantages, technological innovation is characterized by inimitable imitation and high added value. The innovative advantages thus established are long lasting and competitive.
Qingdao Rubber Six seizes market opportunities and promotes industrial upgrading through "scientific and technological innovation" with customers in many industries such as coal, steel, cement, ports, mines, and electricity. At the scene, we saw that in the festive atmosphere that coincided with the commencement of the launch ceremony of the Qingdao Liuliucha Hongtan Factory, many corporate representatives and media from the above six major industrial chain-related application fields participated in the event. A unique "site exchange meeting" was held. Qingdao Oak Six set up six regions for users, including coal, steel, electricity, cement, new product exchange, and market service exchange, and became a highlight of the event.
According to reports, Qingdao Oaks has continuously increased its investment in science and technology over the past six years, has carried out a series of technological transformations and structural adjustments on its products, and has been committed to the development and research of high, refined and sharp products, and has been accelerating the pace of product replacement. With the research and development of energy-saving, safe and environment-friendly products, we have achieved "a generation of production, a generation of research and development, and a reserve of generation." The company's product technical specifications, in addition to complying with Chinese standards, can also be produced in accordance with German DIN, British BS, Australian AS, Japanese JIS and South African SABS and other international standards. The product quality can be comparable with the world famous brand. In the past few years, 21 national key projects and state-level new product projects and 64 technology development projects have been completed, of which 49 have filled the domestic gap; the products have completely independent intellectual property rights, and possesses 17 patented technologies, including 7 national invention patents. , was named "high-tech enterprise" by Qingdao City. As a leading company in the industry, the company presided over the drafting of more than a dozen national standards, such as “Canvas Core Heat-Resistant Conveyor Belt” and “Coal Mine Steel Wire Rope Flame Retardant Conveyor Belt”, and participated in the revision and review of nearly a hundred industry standards.
The representative visited the Qingdao Liuhe Conveyor Belt production line workshop.
Create "four first-rate" and one "base"
According to statistics from the China Rubber Industry Association, since 2009, the rubber hose industry in China has maintained a relatively rapid development. By 2013, the total output value of China's rubber tape industry has increased to 29.455 billion yuan. In particular, the degree of marketization of the tape industry in China is very high, and a nationwide unified market has formed. Among nearly 1,000 tape manufacturers in China, Qingdao Oak Rubber Co., Ltd. has become one of the few state-owned enterprises with good returns, and its core experience is also in "scientific and technological innovation."
On the day of the event, Qingdao Oak Rubber announced two new products, the high-strength Aramid Conveyor Belt and the MT830 Laminated Fabric Conveyor Belt. High-strength Aramid Conveyor Belt (DPP) has the advantages of high strength, light weight, low energy consumption, and can meet the long-distance transportation of materials, and can be widely used in mining, steel, coal, cement, ports, power and other industries. According to field engineers, the application of new products has reduced the power of belt conveyors and accelerated the speed of operation. This has enabled companies to achieve good results in energy saving and improve work efficiency by 3-5 times. The special joint technology has obtained national patents.
The implementation of the 60,000-square-meter/year conveyor belt relocation project of Qingdao Oakley will effectively enhance the company's production scale, increase the profitability of enterprises, optimize the product structure, and increase the proportion of high-tech and high-value-added products. The construction of the project adopts the most advanced production technology and production equipment in the world, and achieves the deep integration of core management processes and information systems such as process, energy, equipment, logistics, quality, and safety, and provides a systematic science for smooth and efficient production. Protection.
Liu Haiqing, general manager of Qingdao Oak Rubber Belt Co., Ltd., said that in the future, Qingdao Oak Rubber Co., Ltd. will continue to increase investment in science and technology, with science and technology innovation as the driving force, and strive to create "four first-rate" and a base, namely first-class equipment, first-class management, The first-rate team and first-rate income finally make Qingdao Oak Rubber Co., Ltd. become the R&D and production base of China High-tech conveyor belts.