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The development prospect of food stainless steel conveyor belt

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The development of the stainless steel conveyor belt in the food industry plays a key role in the national economy. The quality of food stainless steel conveyor belts has been incorporated into economic policies. At the same time, it has driven the development of the conveyor belt industry. In the construction of cities and rural areas, a large number of machinery and equipment are used to convey stainless steel conveyor belts. However, the requirements for food stainless steel conveyor belts are more stringent. Linwang Food Stainless Steel Conveyor Belts have the characteristics of good air permeability, easy cleaning, no rust, long service life, high temperature resistance, flat surface without wrinkles, and strong corrosion resistance. The government has introduced the following policies: The food industry will work together to form a technical alliance and jointly recommend the development of the food industry.
The main material of stainless steel conveyor belt is stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316, etc. It should keep the warehouse clean when storing and placing stainless steel conveyor belt. The place should be open, not excessively squeezed, causing deformation of stainless steel conveyor belt, and then affecting stainless steel conveying Use of the belt.
In addition, there are certain requirements for the storage conditions of stainless steel conveyor belts, such as sunlight conditions, not direct exposure to direct sunlight, and rainy weather to prevent rain, but also should pay attention to the reaction of some chemicals, especially some organic solvents such as acid and alkali. The contact with each other should be at least one meter away from the stainless steel conveyor belt or a more open space.
The storage temperature of the stainless steel conveyor belt should be kept as low as 10-25 °C. Excessive temperatures will affect the use of stainless steel conveyor belts and cause unnecessary losses.