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The team of entrepreneurs leading for prosperity from Qingjian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, came to CMH for investigation

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The team of entrepreneurs leading for prosperity from Qingjian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, came to CMH for investigation

     On August 7, 2020, the Qingjian County Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Leader Wang Gongfeng led by the Standing Committee of Qingjian County Committee and Deputy County Mayor Wang Gongfeng, YuLin City, Shaanxi Province, came to our company for inspection and exchanges.

    Accompanied by Mr. Chen Chuanzhong, President of China (Yangzhou) Material Handling Tech-Engineering Ltd, the inspection team visited our EPM seal production machine line, conveyor belt production machine line, testing center and technology research and development center. While visiting, the inspection team kept communicating with our staff to thoroughly understand our equipment, production capacity and technical research and development level. The inspection team fully affirmed that our company's production and research and development levels are among the best in the industry; the seals, conveyor belts and other products are delivered all over the world.

After the visit, the inspection team and some employees of the CMH had a discussion meeting in the administration building. The meeting was chaired by General Manager Chen Xuan of CMH. The inspection team learned about the development history, R&D innovation, main products and successful cases of the group in recent years. President of Chen Chuanzhong delivered an exciting speech on the local characteristic industrial structure of Yulin combined with the production innovation of CMH. CMH is actively deploying in Yulin to seize the market opportunities, and has successfully invested in the CMH (Shaanxi) Factory and CMH (Shaanxi) Bulk Material Conveying Industrial Park. In the future, CMH will continue to dig deep into the local rubber conveyor belt industry in Yulin, using technological innovation to better serve Yulin market. Mr. Wang Gongfeng delivered a speech on behalf of the inspection team.

     At the end of the discussion meeting, members of the inspection team made an active interaction with the leaders in the meeting, expressing an eager vision of close cooperation between the two areas, as well as introducing and promoting the local characteristic industries in Qingjian County.

    August 7th is the beginning of autumn in the Chinese calendar. Autumn should be the harvest season. We look forward to more frequent interaction between Yangzhou and Yulin (Qingjian County) and a fruitful harvest.