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Ruixue Megan Labor Exhibition Style - The company organizes employees to carry out snow sweeping activities

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The first snow in 2018 is more violent than ever! Snowy, goose-like snow fell, and the whole Yangzhou land was covered in silver. Into the company, everyone sighed like a silver dress, exceptionally enchanting! The thick snow has caused many inconveniences for people to travel. In order to smooth traffic and facilitate pedestrians, on the morning of the 5th, company leaders took the lead in organizing cadres and workers to carry out compulsory snow- sweeping activities for the first time.
      The employees came to the company one after another, fearing the cold and the heavy snow. Under the leadership of the company, everyone braved the cold, braved the snowstorm and began to sweep the snow and ice on the company's major arteries. Everybody chased after you, worked together, and cooperated with each other to shovel shovels. Pushing, pushing, sweeping sweeping, dry heat, overwhelming, busy figure constitutes a beautiful landscape. Although the outdoor temperature is low, the enthusiasm and solidarity of everyone's work make this winter extremely warm.
      After more than an hour of hard work, everyone finally removed all the snow from the company's main entrances, main roads and other places, opening up a warm and unobstructed road for employees and visitors. Although everyone's clothes and shoes are wet, they sweat a lot. Look at the immediate results. Everyone has a great sense of accomplishment. Everyone's face is filled with a happy smile.
      A heavy snowfall reflects the good mental outlook and team cohesion from the side. The company promptly organized employees to participate in snow-sweeping activities, which not only ensured the safe travel of employees and visitors and smooth road traffic, but more importantly reflected the good collective responsibility and teamwork spirit of the company's employees. As the saying goes, Rui Xue Zhao Fengnian, the company's performance in 2018 must be booming, and a new high!Ruixue Megan Labor ExhibitionRuixue Megan Labor ExhibitionRuixue Megan Labor ExhibitionRuixue Megan Labor Exhibition