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Leadership speech

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Speech of chairman of the board: 
You are welcome to visit China and Germany, thank you for your attention, looking forward to your handshake.
Sino German (Yangzhou) Transport Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (CMH) is the engineering conveyor belt manufacturing recruits, but has a late start, high starting point, positioning excellent, fast development, good quality characteristics.
A friend asked me, "China and Germany" the characteristics of the enterprise and the core competitiveness in where? Friends will ask this question, the staff will ask, customers will be asked, this is what we need to think about and put into action, we can do is the "new" and "diligence" ". We focus on investment, the purchase of a new, advanced and efficient production and testing equipment; we pay great attention to the talents, the introduction of high-end management and technical personnel. We pay more attention to the technology, R & D and innovation of the variety of products and patents. We pay more attention to the quality, with high quality raw materials, advanced technology, strict quality control in the production of excellent products. We pay more attention to the culture, to German unique concept and spirit of the employees become the consensus and formation of great cohesion. We pay more attention to the service, won the trust and praise from many customers around the world.
"A diligent world without difficult", this is my own motto. Only hard work can be a good thing, only hard to catch up with the market pace, only hard work will be effective, only hard work will create value of inf.
"China and Germany" has been in cultivation, from conveying the general to special conveyor belt; from general conveyor belt to high-end conveyor belt; from fabric core, steel wire rope core conveyer belt, tubular conveyor belt into the cable; from the conveyor belt to high-end seal; toward their goals, according to customer requirements, area, go all the way.
Thank you care about the care of "China and Germany" people, adhesive tape, such as ties, China and Germany are committed to quality service.
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