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CMHSino German enterprise view: enterprise is the family, school, army
Enterprise purpose: people-oriented, fair competition, mutual respect, sincere communication, mutual benefit and win-win
Enterprise spirit: a little bit, the pursuit of perfection, perseverance, innovation
Enterprise outlook on life: a hard work of the world is not difficult to learn, to concentrate on work, happy life
Enterprise team concept: Tigers of the division, the courage sword, rapid response, immediately attack
Enterprise professional view: responsibility, motivated, career
Enterprise's development view: compared to the patent, the innovation, the execution, the efficiency
Service philosophy: never seeking profits to yuhing enterprises, customer first, employees second, third shareholders
Enterprise concept of wealth: God helps those who help themselves
Enterprise talent: to Germany first, to heavy and talented de reuse, Youde not only retained, talent without virtue refused to use, no de abandoned, do not raise an idler, without leaving a lazy, not a mediocre person, do not lose a Homo habilis
Enterprise slogan: the whole world of China and Germany
Employee slogan: first class staff, to create first-class products, create first-class enterprise
Enterprise goal: to do the world's top conveyor belt, conveying the global high quality 
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