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Automatic conveyor line has a wide application prospect in the food industry

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At present, China’s economy is in a period of rapid development, and the continuous improvement in the level of industrial automation has led to the rapid development of industries such as food, agricultural products, electronics, building materials, packaging, logistics, etc. The huge market for downstream industry applications will bring tremendous benefits to the domestic light conveyor belt industry. Development opportunities.
Champ Consulting's industry analysts pointed out that the modernized conveyor line was derived from the UK during the Industrial Revolution. Nowadays, the types of conveyor lines are available and can be applied to various types of industrial production. The use of food conveying lines in the production and application of industrial enterprises can not only be better combined with other types of conveying equipment and mechanical facilities, but also be applied in various production operating environments for modernization and automation. The production has played an important role, at the same time, it also reflects a higher transport capacity and effectively plays a role in saving resources.
Today's industrial technology production enterprises, in order to better respond to the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" policy, and achieve production of energy-saving environmental protection, non-polluting purposes, have generally applied the food delivery line production operations to assist production. With the expansion of production enterprises and the increase of production capacity, there are further requirements for the production efficiency and automation of equipment. As a result, automated food delivery lines usher in greater market opportunities. In 2010, the market demand for light conveyor belts in China exceeded 14 million square kilometers, and the market size was 1.685 billion yuan. In the coming years, the demand for light conveyor belts will increase year by year. By 2014, the demand for light conveyor belts in China will reach 20.51 million square meters, and the domestic market scale will reach 2.876 billion yuan.
However, due to the shortage of labor force, the food industry has also put forward relevant requirements for automatic conveyor lines. The automatic conveyor lines should be installed in each working area reasonably, and use bar code and other information to deliver foods to the destination area through the power transmission line to realize the logistics centers. Automatic and continuous logistics delivery in operation. In this way, it is necessary to increase the rate of autonomy of equipment, increase the overall technical equipment level of the food industry, save energy and reduce emissions, and accelerate the process of equipment autonomy.